Watermelon Paper Fan Craft

This watermelon paper fan craft is perfect for kids of all ages! It’s simple enough that even younger children can make them.

With just a few supplies, you can create a decorative fan that add color and texture to any room or party.

Keep reading to find out how you can make this paper fan craft with popsicle sticks in just a few easy steps!

Popsicle Stick Paper Fans

Making fruit-themed paper fans with popsicle stick handles is an easy and fun craft for kids of all ages.

Perfect for a hot summer day… or a winter day when you’re dreaming of summer.

What You’ll Need

  • paper plate
  • colored paper
  • popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • scissors

Making a Watermelon Fan

Cut a paper plate in half and trace it on a piece of red paper and then a piece of green paper. Trim the red piece so that the rounded edge is just a little smaller than the green page.

Glue two craft sticks into an X so that they overlap toward the bottom instead of in the center.

Glue the wide part of the X to the backside of one half of the paper plate.

Glue the green paper to the paper plate so that the edges align. Then, glue the red piece of paper onto the green paper so that the straight edges align. This will be the red watermelon and the green rind.

Finally, snip some black construction paper and glue the small pieces onto the red paper for seeds. You can also have preschoolers glue real watermelon seeds to the fan.

Tips and Tricks for Crafting with Popsicle Sticks

Crafting with popsicle sticks is a fun and easy activity for preschoolers to enjoy! Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of this activity:

First, let the little ones customize their own craft kit by providing them with plenty of colorful markers, glue and glitter.

Second, be sure to provide an ample amount of popsicle sticks so that they can make more creative projects like 3D models.

Third, encourage them to use their imagination by suggesting different ways of putting the pieces together.

Finally, use hot-glue guns or wood glue if you want your projects to last longer.

With these tips in hand, crafting with popsicle sticks will be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your preschooler.

Creative Uses for a Popsicle Stick Paper Fan Craft

A popsicle stick paper fan craft is a great way to get creative and have fun! With just a few supplies, such as Popsicle sticks, construction paper, scissors, glue and markers, kids can create their own colorful fan.

The paper fans can be used for many different activities like cooling off during hot days or using them in pretend play.

Other creative uses include using them as wall art decorations, props for pretend theater plays or even making an instrument out of it.

Additionally, this craft is simple enough for any child to do on their own or with the help of an adult.

With some basic supplies and creativity the possibilities are endless!

Watermelon Ideas for Kids

Do you need more watermelon crafts and activities for your preschoolers? We’ve gathered a few fun and engaging activities that your little ones are sure to love.

Watermelon Books for Kids

Books are an excellent way to introduce kids to new topics and concepts. When it comes to learning about watermelons, there are plenty of fun books for kids that explore this fruit in a variety of ways.

From stories about growing watermelons to educational activities and games, these books provide children with creative ways to learn more about the delicious summertime fruit.

Whether you’re looking for a book full of interesting facts or one that encourages imaginative play, there’s sure to be something perfect for your little ones!

One Watermelon SeedWatermelon MadnessThe Watermelon Seed


Watermelon Crafts for Kids

Making watermelon crafts with preschoolers is a fun and creative way to spruce up your summer days!

Gather some green and red construction paper, paints, stickers and Popsicle sticks to make the perfect watermelon themed craft.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making creative watermelon crafts with preschoolers!

* Paper Plate Watermelon Craft from Homeschool Preschool

* Paper Watermelon Windsock from Cakies

* Handprint W is for Watermelon Art from Crystal and Comp.

Watermelon Activities for Kids

Watermelon activities and printables are a great way to keep kids entertained during the summer months.

From watermelon-themed crafts to educational activities and games, there is something for everyone!

These fun and creative ideas can help engage your little ones in learning new topics while having fun at the same time.

* The Watermelon Seed Book Activities from Homeschool Preschool

* Borax Free Watermelon Slime Recipe from Simple Everyday Mom

* Free Watermelon Printable Book from Fun-a-Day

Making a Watermelon Paper Fan Craft is an easy and fun activity for kids of all ages. With just a few simple supplies, like construction paper, Popsicle sticks, scissors, glue and markers, you can create a beautiful fan that can be used as wall art or party decorations!

Not to mention the creative possibilities are endless when it comes to using this craft – from cooling off on hot days with your own personal fan to making instruments out of them.

Whether you’re looking for something fun and educational or simply want some creative ideas for summer activities, crafting with popsicle sticks provides an enjoyable way to get creative while learning about watermelons in the process.

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